Plucky Pirates Slot Review:

Plucky Pirates


Plucky Pirates Features

  • Greet Parrot Bonus
  • Cannon Free Spins
  • Pirate Ship Multiplier
  • Red Bearded Pirates Payout

Plucky Pirates Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Nektan
  • Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 9
  • Coin Range : 0.01-1
  • Maximum Bet : 9
  • Jackpot : £22,500
  • Bonus Rounds : Yes
  • RTP : 96.34%

Where to Play:

Slot Overview:

Have you ever wanted to play on a pirate themed online slot? Well now you can as Nektan have created their first ever pirate themed slot! Plucky Pirates Slot is an online slot game which is based on the wonderful mysteries of pirates! On this slot you will come across a variety of pirate associated things, including treasure chests, skull, swords, crossbones, parrots and ships! Plucky Pirate Slot has 9 paylines and 5 reels. The minimum that a player can stake on Plucky Pirates is £0.01, whilst the maximum that can be staked is £9.00. The jackpot for Plucky Pirates Slot is £22,500.

Looks & Feel:

When people think of online slots, they don’t usually tend to think of pirate themed slots, however Nektan have completely changed up the game by introducing their first ever pirate themed slot to the industry. Plucky Pirates is a wonderful pirate themed online slot which really cant be compared to any other Nektan slot! This Slot is based in the world of pirates and ships so you will come across everything that is pirate related when on this slot, including treasure chests, pirates, guns, parrots, eye patches and much more too!

In terms of the actual Slot, Nektan really have done a tremendous job in the development as it is very clear to see that it Plucky Pirates has been developed extremely well. The whole slot is based on pirates and that theme remains throughout, I think this is a great feature as not many online slots can manage to keep a consistent theme all throughout without making it look boring/repetitive but Plucky Pirates have managed to do so.

The Plucky Pirates Slot has a fabulous look about it which really is totally different from most other slots that have been developed by Nektan. The colours that are used on this slot really do vary and there isn’t just one colour which we can pick out as the main theme colour. Colours such as blue, green, red, gold and silver are all used throughout the Plucky Pirates Slot and I think this is great to see as it is very rare to see a variety of vibrant colours used all throughout an online slot.

The Plucky Pirates Slot has a range of magnificent features which have made it immensely popular amongst slot players but one of my personal favorites is the quality of the graphics which is truly tremendous. The quality of the animations and also the images on the Plucky Pirates Slot are extremely clear and this is a great advantage that had to be mentioned as I am sure you will notice how great the graphics are once you go onto the Plucky Pirates Slot!

Bonus Features:

Plucky Pirates is the only Pirate themed Slot that Nektan have developed and because of this it has become immensely popular since its establishment, so to help enhance their slot experience, Plucky Pirates have offered a variety of bonus features for their players to take advantage of when on the slot. A few favorites can be found below.

  • Green Parrot Icon – This icon will replace any other icons and save the scatter icons.
  • Cannon Symbol – If the user finds a cannon symbol then they are in luck as this symbol will give the user a round of free games if 3 cannon symbols are found.
  • Pirate Ships – The Pirate Ships icon pays out a 500x multiplier.
  • Red Bearded Pirates – The Red Bearded Pirates will reward the user with a 300x payout.

Return to Player (RTP):

The Return to Player rate for Plucky Pirates Slot is 96.34%.


Plucky Pirates Slot is the only pirate themed slot that Nektan have developed and it is fair to say that they have done a tremendous job in developing it! This online slot has a fabulous range of features which make it one of the best Nektan slots that I have ever come across. The colours used on this slot really do vary and I think this is great to see as it shows uniqueness and a difference from other online slots. The layout for the Plucky Pirates Slot is truly fantastic too as everything is laid out in a simplistic manner however it look great too as the tabs are easy for the user to access/read. The bonus features are another great bonus on the Plucky Pirates Slot, there are so many bonus features for users to choose from and this certainly makes Plucky Pirates stand out from the rest of their competitors. If you are after a unique online slot which is extremely reliable and has a great choice of bonus features then be sure to have a look at Plucky Pirates!