Fiesta Slot Review:


fiesta slot

Fiesta Features

  • Wilds Bonuses
  • Free Spins

Fiesta Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Nektan
  • Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 15
  • Coin Range : 0.01 - 15.00
  • Maximum Bet : 15.00
  • Jackpot : 500
  • Bonus Rounds : Yes
  • RTP : 96.59%

Slot Overview

Fiesta Slot is a Brazilian themed 5 reel and 15 payline video slot developed by Nektan. Fiesta Slot was released in June 2014. The aim of this slot game really is quite simple, users just needs to spin the reels and line up the matching symbols. If all the correct symbols are matched, the user could win a nice jackpot of 500x.

Looks & Feel:

Fiesta Slot is a Nektan run slot which has had immense success since its release and one of the main things that users love about this slot is the theme. Fiesta Slot is a Brazilian Carnival themed slot which is truly excellent. The theme for this slot is on a completely different level in comparison to other Nektan slots and I am a huge fan of it! This slot features a variety of bright lights and vibrant colours which are bound to catch the eye of the player. This slot has so many different colours so we cannot categories it to just one main colour, some of the best colours on this slot are yellow, blue and pink. Nektan have done a tremendous job in developing Fiesta Slot for a number of reasons, the responsiveness of the slot is rapid and the quality of graphics is extremely clear too. The tropical theme is very clear when users go onto the Fiesta Slot, for example all of the images and animations are tropical/South America themed, such as the exotic cocktails, maracas and tacos. All in all, the Fiesta Slot has an excellent design and appearance which is bound to catch the of anybody who goes onto the slot so be sure to check it out and let us know what you thought about it!

Bonus Features:

Fiesta Slot is one of Nektan’s best online slots and because of this many punters have decided to join Fiesta Slot to see what the hype is about. Due to the fact that so many people play on Fiesta Slot, Nektan had to add a few incentives as a type of reward to their punters is this is why they have offered a good variety of bonus features which can all be found on the slot. To give you a helping hand, we have put together a short list of the very best bonus features that Fiesta Slot offer.

  • Wild Toucan Symbol – This symbol does not have a payout value however it stands in for all of the paying symbols that make winning lines.
  • Scattered Tambourine – If the user comes across a scattered tambourine icon, they can use this to receive some extra spins. If the user manages to do this successfully, the screen of the game will turn blue and music will begin to play.
  • Maracas Symbol – The Maracas Symbol offers the player up to 350x the line bet.
  • Fiesta Logo – If the player manages to get a fiesta logo, they will be able to multiply their line bets by 500x

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP is a very important feature for a lot of online slot players and the majority of players like to know what the RTP of a slot is before they part with their money. Fiesta Slot players will be delighted to find out that the RTP for this online slot is 96.59%


Fiesta Slot is a superb online slot with many great advantages. Since its establishment in 2014, Fiesta Slot has gone on to become one of the most popular and well-known Nektan Slot Games. There are so many brilliant features that this slot has. First of all, the theme is certainly unique and the colours/images that have been used are extremely eye catching. All of the colours on the slot are bright and vibrant, such as yellow, green and blue which is nice to see as it is change, considering that the majority of online slots tend to go for darker colours. One of the main reasons why people tend to play on Nektan slots s because Nektan have a good history of looking after the punters and this is demonstrated on the Fiesta Slot as there is a wide range of bonuses and promotions for users to take advantage of. The Bonus Features on Fiesta Slot are extremely generous and there is plenty of them to choose from so players cant complain about a lack of choices! Overall it is fair to say that Fiesta Slot is a well made online slot with many great bonuses which has been created by a reliable and trustworthy software provider in Nektan, so if you are after a reliable slot which will provide plenty of fun and the chance to win big money then be sure to try out Fiesta Slot!