Top 5 Nektan Slots Similar to Movies

Nektan slots are always imaginative, and it shows in their gameplay. There are some from Nektan’s portfolio that resemble big blockbuster movies too. Nowadays, players want more from their gaming experience than just a simple slot, and Nektan certainly deliver more – more in entertainment and bonus features. It’s why we love them.

While the slot games have no affiliation with the movies we mention, the characters and objects are recognizably similar to those seen on the big screen. Whether you want to imagine you’re in the starring role or immerse yourself in the familiar world of your favourite film, we invite you to read our top 5 Nektan slots similar to movies.

Cave Raiders HD (Indiana Jones)

cave raiders hd slot screenshot

Cave Raiders HD certainly has an Indiana Jones feel to it, so if you like the movies, you’ll love the game. This action-adventure themed slot takes you on a journey through ancient ruins to find long-lost treasures. Be careful though as there are traps you’ll encounter along the way, much like Harrison Ford’s character did in the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark. The setting of your adventure places you in a forest, in front of a stone carving that appears to be decaying and succumbed to overgrowth. Pick up symbols from gold statues to aeroplanes that offer you free spins, and skulls which operate as wild symbols. The 5-reel slot game has 25 pay lines and an RTP of 96.3%.

Plucky Pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean)

plucky pirates slot screenshot

Ahoy, time to jump onboard the Plucky Pirates ship. Meet Blackbeard’s counterpart – not half as menacing as Davy Jones in Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End. The setting of the slot game is a palm tree covered sandy shoreline looking out to sea where you can see ships skirt the horizon. It’s the only pirate-themed slot that Nektan have developed, and as such it’s very popular. When playing, keep your eye out for the green parrot, cannon, pirate ship and red beaded pirate symbols for a variety of bonuses more rewarding than the treasure found in Davy Jones’ locker. Call upon your inner Jack Sparrow. The RTP rate for Plucky Pirates slot is 96.34%.

Mummy Gold (The Mummy)

mummy gold slot screenshot

There’s no shortage of Egyptian-themed slots, and Nektan’s version is a joy to play. The backdrop to the Mummy Gold game is within a temple – inescapably similar to the scenes seen in the 1999 classic The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser. Look out for the hieroglyphics and tombstones that really transport you to Ancient Egypt. On the slot reels, you’ll find more symbols relevant to the film in scarab beetles, the eye of Horus, Cleopatra and more. In terms of hidden treasure, there are bonuses, free spins and jackpots to be had here. Return to Player for the slot is 96.34%.

Gunslingers Gold (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

gunslingers gold slot screenshot

Be like Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) who forms an uneasy alliance of two against a third man – an outlaw – in a race to find gold buried in a remote cemetery. The excitement of the film is emulated in Gunslingers Gold – a Wild West slot which features 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Here you will find symbols such as bags of gold, sheriff’s guns and badges, bourbon bottles, wanted signs and more. Three or more bourbon bottle symbols trigger the Bootle Shoot bonus round, where you can win more free spins. The RTP for Gunslingers Gold is 96.6%.

Troll’s Tale (Shrek)

trolls tale slot screenshot

No-one can mistake the resemblance between Troll’s Tale and Shrek. It’s a very Disney-themed slot. Familiar characters in Pinnochio, Fairy Godmother and Puss in Boots feature which make for great player excitement. The backdrop to the slot is the stuff of fairy tales and has 20 pay lines and 5 reels. It takes place in a big castle straight out of the middle ages with other likeable symbols such as the gingerbread man and the goofy donkey. The RTP for Troll’s Tale is 96.3%.

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