Top 5 Nektan Slots Set Around the World

Nektan slots are casino games with possibly the most personality out of any casino software. Their games are not only rewarding, but exciting and different. You could say that Nektan have a wild imagination and that portrays in these slot games. This is what we love about them though, not many players want to be stuck playing a simple slot game that has no enthusiasm, especially in this day and age, where slot games are starting to be more relevant to customers and more entertaining, with their different bonus features and characteristics.

Nektan have a thing of creating slots based on culture from different areas of the world. This is a great chance to play a slot that have symbols based on recognisable objects from different countries, if you want to go even further into it, you could suggest that it teaches you some culture aspects, which we all love learning about.

Here are our top 5 slot games from Nektan that are based on different areas around the world, excellent picks for you to take in some culture.

Shamrock ‘n’ Roll (Ireland)

shamrock-n-roll slot


Shamrock ‘n’ Roll is possibly the most Irish slot game that you will come across. It has everything you could expect in a slot, it features a leprechaun peering his head around the slot reels. In the background we can also see a field of greenery, a huge rainbow and a pot of gold. Overlaying the background is the slot reels which consist of more gold, a harp, a 4-leaf clover, horseshoe and more. This slot game is actually known for having a high RTP, which is 96.6%. In terms of bonuses, there is a free spins bonus. The free spins bonus can allow you to win up to 50 free spins.

Mummy Gold (Egypt)



The online slot industry is certainly not short of Egyptian themed slots. A range of top developers in the market have all created their own Egyptian slot games for customers to play. Nektan are one of them, they have created their version, Mummy Gold. The setting of the slot game is featured in a temple, where you can see tombs, drawings and other bits of scenery that really give off the Ancient Egypt feel. On the slot reels, we have the symbols that are all relevant to the theme, including the scarab beetles, Cleopatra, eye of Horus and more. This slot game also includes some intriguing bonuses, free spins and jackpots.

Mayan Marvels (Mexico & Guatemala)



Take in the Mexican culture with this online slot game. Although, you may not get the full sense of Mexico or Guatemala with this one. This is in fact quite a simple slot game in our opinion, there is not a great deal going on. Sometimes simple can be good, it all depends on the type of player that you are and what you look for in a slot game. The story of this slot is based on the Ancient Mayan, who lived around 2600BC, also was the developer of the science of Astronomy, sacrificed humans and worshipped the sun, as well as doing a lot of more extreme movements. This slot comes with a relatively fair RTO and a nice jackpot, with a free spin bonus also available.

Best of British (UK)

best of british slot


This slot gives you the best of Britain, if it wasn’t already obvious from the slot title. Nektan have really taken the stereotypes surrounding the UK and put them into one very amusing online slot. The best of British is still a simple slot game, but it consists of features of a slot game that have different meanings. For example, the symbols consist of English tea, famous red London bus, a police officer hate and more. The background of the slot game features the queen’s guards, a Britain flag, and what looks like it could be Buckingham Palace. In terms of bonuses, all there really is, is a free spins bonus and that’s all, there are not any multipliers. This is still an amusing slot to try for yourself.

Fiesta (Brazilian)

fiesta slot game screenshot


There are not many Brazilian themed slot games, but you best believe that Nektan have created one. This is a very amusing Fiesta slot in terms of features and visuals. The background of the slot game features a range of different colours and confetti, the proper celebratory atmosphere that we relate to a Brazilian tradition. The symbols themselves in the slot are also very relatable to the theme, we have a drum with the Brazil flag on it, a mask, a tambourine, the fiesta logo and more. There are a lot of different bonus features to get involved with as well, which include the Wild Toucan Symbol, Scattered Tambourine, Maracas Symbol, Fiesta Logo.

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